About us

We live in the very gorgeous place by the sea called Palanga, which is a holiday resort. First time we saw a Maine Coon it was on the internet and we were charmed. We choose the right kind and were not mistaken. It is wonderful and tempered friendly and big cats. Our pets live with us in the house, and they are family members. We also have lovely Ciau-Ciau breed dog called Ciuncia.

The breeding of the cats, participation on cat show became our biggest hobby and the biggest love to Maine Coon Cats.We have a rule in our cattery program not more 5-6 female cats and 1-2 male cats.Our purphose - to bread healthy ,good temper kittens and to pick best and most promising ones of the litter.Also, either too keep them in the cattery or to sell for breeding. For the rest of little ones we find cozy and warm new home and loving owners.
Cats are giving lots of warm feelings, joy and love to our life. Its peace for the house and boost of energy that we get from our pets. We are proud of our pets and their achievements in the shows.
We proudly announce that we were nominated Best 2010 Cattery in Lithuania!!! 


Our kittens will go to a new family only not earlier then 3 month old and they will have FIFE provided pedigree documents, EU home pet passport, microchip, the contract between the breeder and the buyer, they will be vaccinated and dehelmetized.