SC Langstteichs Agadir-  neutered.

Father Mother
Langstteichs DD' Esperanto Langstteichs DD' Amazing

MCO d 22

Fe lv - Fiv -negative;


Blodgrup A



The 3-rd adult male of all breeds in Lithuania - 2009

The 7- th adult male of all breeds in Baltic States -2009

The 4-th adult male of all breeds in Lithuania - 2010


Agadir - our catterys future and our dreams cat.He came from famous in Europe germanys cattery Langstteich.
Agadir -very promising cat, high and long. He has beautiful type :excellent profile, strong chin, very long tail and heavy boning. Big ears with long lynx-tips, nice head.
Very important, that Agadir has simply wonderful temperament . He is friendly with other our catteries cats. He is fantastic!
We are very grateful Helga Teetz for confidense and wonderful cat.